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For Y3 - 10 gifted kids keen to explore their passions with like minds

8:30 - 3:30, Wed 18 January 2023

University of Auckland

In partnership with

MindPlus Clubs Day

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Run by the NZ Centre for Gifted Education, MindPlus Clubs Day brings together Y3-10 gifted kids from all over Auckland (and beyond) who share passions and interests for a day of exploration, fun and getting to know like minds.

What clubs do you have available? 

We have ten clubs: Coders, Readers, Creative Writers, Scientists, Dreamers, Artists & Artisans, Designers, Historians, Changemakers and Mathematicians.

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For our tech enthusiasts who love to code, programme, animate and develop games and apps. 

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For passionate book-worms who love to dive deep into their books and talk about what they love to read.

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Creative Writers

For those who love to write in any way, shape or form, and express themselves through words.

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For those who want to learn about the world around them and what makes it all tick.

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For the imagineers and the dreamers, those with big visions and imaginations.

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Artists & Artisans

For artistes across all genre - drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, sewing, crafting.

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For aspiring makers and doers - fashion design, product design, housing design.

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For those who love to work out what happened way back when, why it happened, and what it all means for now and the future.

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For those passionate about making the world a better place through social change - our young social justice campaigners, environmentalists and politicians.

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For keen number-crunchers who love the world of mathemagic.

About Clubs Day

What happens at Clubs Day?

At Clubs Day, club members come together in a ClubZone. Each club is led by two of our MindPlus Specialist Teachers and supported by university student helpers.  During the day, each Club has three separate sessions tailored just for them, including trips to see what people get up to in various faculties, time to design and create in the Unleash Maker Space, and some hands-on collaborative projects and challenges.


Parents can drop off children at 8:30am in the main foyer of the Sir Owen G Glenn Building and pick them up in the same place at 3:30pm. Parking is available below the building.


Please make sure children have a packed lunch with plenty of snacks for a busy day, sunscreen and a hat.

What does it cost?

Clubs Day costs $40 per child and includes a Clubs Day t-shirt. 


Full scholarships are available for families who cannot afford this. If you would like a scholarship, please email us at and we will send you a discount code to use when ordering your ticket on EventBrite. 

Who is it for?

Clubs Day is for gifted kids in Y3 - 10. All current and past MindPlus students are eligible, as are children whose parent is a member of the NZ Association for Gifted Children


We are also enrolling gifted students nominated by their schools. Your school can find out how to do this here.

If your child does not fit into one of these categories (eg your child is homeschooled or your school is not supportive), you can tell us a little bit about your child by filling out this short form. We will then be able to confirm their place and will refund your ticket if we don't think it is a good fit. 

When should I register?

Register as soon as possible to ensure your child doesn’t miss out! Each club is limited to 40 places. If your chosen club is full, we recommend that you register for your child's next best option that is still available, and go on a waitlist for the full option. You can join the waitlist here. If you are no longer able to make Clubs Day, please advise us as soon as you can so that we can offer your place to another child.

Abot Clubs Day

How do I ask questions about Clubs Day?

We have FAQs here. If you have any other questions, please contact us on .

Information for schools

Any school is able to nominate up to 10 Y3-10 gifted kids to attend MindPlus Clubs Day. For those students you would like to nominate, please provide their parents with the link to register their child. The registration form will ask parents to let us know if their child has been nominated by their school.

Who are our gifted kids?

One in 20 New Zealand students are gifted, and 30% of these have additional neurodiversities such as ADHD, ASD and dyslexia. There will be a number of gifted kids at your school, although we know that many of them “mask” their giftedness - sometimes by withdrawing, sometimes by acting out.


To learn more about identifying gifted students, check out our resources. 

It’s important to know that being gifted isn’t equivalent to being good at something or having a strong interest in something. Giftedness is a neurodiversity that means gifted kids’ brains are wired differently. Some kids may have had the support and opportunity to turn their gifts into talents, but many won’t. 

Because of that, we suggest that, in nominating students, you look for students with strong gifted qualities and traits (including curiosity, emotional intensity, aysynchronous development), rather than focusing on high achievement in a particular subject area. MindPlus is not a subject-based enrichment programme, but an opportunity for neurodiverse kids to explore their interests - as unique and out-there as they may be!.


How do we talk to parents about this opportunity?

If you haven’t talked to parents before about the potential for their child to be gifted, you may find it useful to refer them to our website. There is lots of information, including mini-videos of students, parents and teachers, to help them understand what giftedness is and how programmes like MindPlus can help.

Infomation for Schools
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