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MindPlus Clubs Day

We held our first ever MindPlus Clubs Day at the University of Auckland on 18 January 2023, and it was a brilliant success!

We brought together 140 neurodiverse and gifted students from Auckland, the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty into one space for a day of learning, discovery, and most of all connection with like-minds. In their ten clubs, our Scientists, Coders, Readers, Dreamers and more explored the Space Institute, the Unleash Innovation Space, the McGregor Biology Museum, the VR Design Lab and met global best-seller author, Graci Kim!

Our amazing photographer, Mike Kim (@oneofmanykims) captured the day’s activities beautifully. Please visit our gallery to see for yourself!

We are also looking to have similar MindPlus Clubs days in other cities soon - watch this space!


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