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"What is being gifted?"

Today veered from the sublime to the ridiculous, which probably makes it the perfect MindPlus Day. We have discovered our love of the absurd. Riley found a series of weird laws from the United States, which started a huge desire to research others and write poems about them. For example, it is illegal to walk down the street in New York with an ice cream cone in your pocket on a Sunday! The joy of being with these Like Minds is that they have a tendency to go off on tangents and we can fly with them. Leon wrote a fantastic rap about random laws in Florida.

We have also discovered a group love of crosswords so warm up time, after a few rounds of Fizz Buzz and Gesture Murder, involved crunching anagrams and playing hide and seeks with hidden words.

We spent Personal Development time considering how to explain Like Mindedness to a Super Intelligent Alien.

This led to some interesting powerpoints (including some of those random laws), a great invention from Kaia and a super little flip book from Thomas. In the middle of the discussion, Max asked such an important question " I used to think that being gifted was about being twice-exceptional. Now I realise that being gifted is different. So what makes us gifted?" This is such an important question and a huge step for Max. His classmates offered lots of explanations for him, which was so beautiful. We will be exploring this more this term.

We spent the rest of the day on Talent Development

Stacey is finding the maths badge particularly challenging but his perseverance is wonderful to see. Our DnD questers are well into their adventure, battling a flaming octopus and focussing hard on their decision making and role playing.

A merry little band also undertook some research into sleep, watching a video on brain waves and learning some habits of the scholar into the bargain. We are practising our academic humility and finding information from a range of sources.


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