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"To every answer, you can find a new question"

Today was a fabulous day for students and teacher! We continued to explore like minds building on last week's thought of the day (To every answer you can find a new question). After our survey last week we compared the answers with Wednesday's group.

As we had discussed - every answer DOES raise new questions - such as why most answers to questions were so alike (suggesting like minds) yet two were dramatically different. We checked for variables and decided we needed more data before posing theories ... so we collected more. Next week we will have a table and aim to give you some results and suggestions for anomolies.

The students were challenged today to understand forces that act on bridges.

Some concepts were hard to understand but with the aid of dishcloths and bits of wood as well as demonstrating friction (safely) many students managed to understand some pretty high grade physics!

In Personal Development we took some time out today to talk about and read a short story about respect.

I was incredibly impressed with the level of reasoning, empathic thinking and ability to conduct a discussion.

Two new phrases were explored: taking the moral highground and respectfully diasgree. Talk moved towards the questions: Can we like someone without respecting them? (and vice versa)? AND what language can we use when we disagree with someone? Great work!

Talent time has settled down and all seem focused and have a clear plan for the rest of the term.

As with Wednesday's group, our local resident chess expert, Richard, came to share his talent and time with Evelyn and Stirling. Both our linguists, hit a personal high score on Duolingo today in Japanese and Danish.

Or thought for the day was, Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. Maybe you can talk about this at home.

Ngā mihi,



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